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                                  The front design presents a compact yet potent depiction, featuring a golden serpent symbolizing rebirth, wisdom, and transformation alongside a slender crescent moon, a celestial emblem of cycles, change, and the feminine mystique. Transitioning to the rear, an elaborate ensemble unfolds, showcasing a series of lunar phases from the new moon to the full moon, encapsulating the rhythmic dance of time and life's continuous evolution. Interwoven with this celestial procession, the gilded snake slithers gracefully, marking a path of primal energy and intuitive wisdom amidst the lunar cycle's embodiment of mystery and the unconscious. This artistic composition merges the serpentine allure with the enigmatic charm of the moon, crafting a narrative that celebrates the intertwining of natural cycles, transformation, and the esoteric tapestry of the cosmos. (PLEASE NOTE: Not all items have front and back design)                   

Product details

About this item

  • Front design features smaller image with outline of a snake and a crescent moon.
  • The design on the back features a design with several moon phases with a snake slivering between them.
  • 8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

Gold Snake and Moon Phases / Snake / Crescent Moon Zip Hoodie

SKU: B0CV2QGTBKe4t6gfdsdef
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